Everything in v0.9 should be considered a release-candidate, and while I won't expect any big change, it could happened that some minor adjustments are introduced before 1.0.

What happened to all the functions that were present in version 0.2 and are no longer there?

The first versions of TimEL didn't include a parser and relied on org.matheclipse:matheclipse-parser for basic expression parsing. That's why the language followed an Excel-similar syntax.

At some point, org.matheclipse:matheclipse-parser disappeared from maven central, leaving TimEL being unable to build (or even being used). While forking matheclipse-parser would have done, I though that it might be a good occasion to replace it due to some limitations (can't have comments, really?!), as well as giving it a better typing system.

And that's the spirit of the 0.9 releases - while bringing less functionalities, they try to provide a cleaner implementation and a better syntax. A big missing feature is stateful calculations: that could be done in v0.2, to a certain extent, via the Last function and recursive assignments - while it was working I've never been happy with this approach. So I took the occasion to take it away with the promise of giving the next - and stable - major 1.0 release a better way to couple with states!

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