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 +=== Average[$value,​ $interval] ===
 +The average function will resample the given **$value** function over the given **$interval**,​ resulting in a numeric outcome. ​
 +Dealing with a numeric, non-integral,​ argument, as the name suggests, will produced an averaged result.
 +A common use is to provide the interval using a periodicity,​ like [[Every|Every function]]:
 +<code lisp>
 +// Define V as the day number over the year (1, 2 and so on until 365)
 +V = Extract[Start,​ "​DAY_OF_YEAR",​ "​CET"​];​
 +// Now average V every month
 +R = Average[V, Every[1, "​MONTH_OF_YEAR",​ "​CET"​]]
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