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TimEL: a Java time-serie library

TimEL is a Java library to evaluate expressions involving time-series data. TimEL's aim is to provide an easy to use - yet powerful language - to model, aggregate and manipulate time-series. TimEL can:

  • Mix multiple time frames (for example you can sum daily data with hourly data, with TimEL automatically upscaling the data when needed);
  • Express recurrent quantities, like 10 units every hour and query TimEL to retrieve the outcome in a given interval;

TimEL supports natively both constant interval time-serie data, as well as time data with variable intervals.

To get an idea of which kind of expressions you can assemble, visit the Examples page.

TimEL requires Java 1.6 and will run in any J2SE or J2EE container.

As of October 2016, one of the dependencies of TimEL (org.matheclipse:matheclipse-parser) from the Symja Java Computer Algebra Library disappeared from Maven central.

A new release of TimEL (0.3) will follow with a new parser module, timel-parser, to replace the missing functionality. As It is now a mainstream technology, TimEL 0.3 will also adopt the new capabilities offered by Java 8.


I wish to thank ej-technologies for providing the TimEL development team with a free JProfiler license, a great Java Profiler.

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