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TimEL: a Java time-serie library

TimEL is a Java library to evaluate expressions involving time-series data. TimEL's aim is to provide an easy to use - yet powerful language - to model, aggregate and manipulate time-series. TimEL can:

  • Mix multiple time frames (for example you can sum daily data with hourly data, or even non-regular data like monthly data - TimEL will automatically upscale the data when needed;
  • Express recurrent quantities, like 10 units every hour and query TimEL to retrieve the outcome for a given interval;
  • Natively support integer, floating point and double types;
  • Define your own types and functions.

TimEL supports natively both constant interval time-serie data, as well as time data with variable intervals.

To get an idea of which kind of expressions you can assemble, visit the Examples page.

TimEL requires Java 8 and will run in any J2SE or J2EE container.

As of October 2016, one of the dependencies of TimEL (org.matheclipse:matheclipse-parser) from the Symja Java Computer Algebra Library disappeared from Maven central.

A new release of TimEL (0.3) will follow with a new parser module, timel-parser, to replace the missing functionality. As It is now a mainstream technology, TimEL 0.3 will also adopt the new capabilities offered by Java 8.


I wish to thank ej-technologies for providing the TimEL development team with a free JProfiler license, a great Java Profiler.

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