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Quick Start

TimEL's expressivity comes mainly form the ability of model time recurrent events with a number of specific aggregation functions.

As the data type is very important since it affects the computation, multiple resample functions are available to support both rescale and data type conversion on the fly when needed.

The following basic function are available:

Each of these functions receive the value to resample as first argument, and can be used with an optional 2nd argument which is the temporal interval to which the resample should be applied.

Note that the temporal interval may be a fixed (defined using the Interval function) or a recurring one (defined using the Every function).

When no interval is provided, an aggregation function will produce a single output with the longest interval possible.

Follows an example of the following function, evaluated in the interval 2015-01-01 to 2015-02-01 (we use the ISO format to avoid confusion):

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