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 Sometimes you can find TimEL savvy people: Sometimes you can find TimEL savvy people:
   * On IRC in the [[http://​webchat.freenode.net/?​channels=timel|#​timel channel on freenode]]   * On IRC in the [[http://​webchat.freenode.net/?​channels=timel|#​timel channel on freenode]]
-  * <​del>​On the TimEL Forum</​del>​ 
 \\  \\ 
-If you need commercial support ​you can [[a.leofreddi@vleo.net|contact me]].+Do you want to speed up your development with TimEL? Do you need to store your variables on the cloud (_BigTable, DynamoDB_)? ​[[https://www.quantica.io|Quantica]] provides commercial support for TimEL! Feel free to reach Quantica out at [[info@quantica.io]]!
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